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Although there are currently no in-person courses available, please contact liam at delightfulcomputing.com for information about online/virtual courses

People who know me as liam at fromoldbooks dot org can of course continue to use that address]

  1. XSLT Three for XSLT People

    The latest version of XSLT includes new features that really increase your productivity and that really help to make readable, maintainable stylesheets. This is a relatively advanced course, but by the end of it you will be comfortable with reading the specifications and able to learn more, as well as having run transformations using fn:transform() and XSLT 3 streaming and much more. Essential for any XML professional. Three days, or two without Streaming.

  2. CSS for XML People

    Covers CSS and design principles with a goal to getting participants comfortable to use online resources and to be able to ask questions and find out what they need, as well as to understand the underlying principles. Includes CSS for both Web and print, and developing for print with the Web browser CSS tools. Three days.

  3. XProc Three for Humans

    XProc, the XML Pipeline Language, version 1, was hard to use; XProc 3 addresses many of the difficulties. As with the other courses, after the XProc 3 course you’ll be comfortable with the specs as well as having some real experience.

  4. Web Accessibility for XML People

    How to make accessible Web sites, that work for everyone, with a focus on people working with large amounts of content, complex documents, or other people’s content, including technical documentation departments, journal publishers, academic staff and more.