/ XSLT Two to Three

Is this for you?

If you are starting to work with XSLT 3, or feel you need to dive deeper, or you want to see how the changes in 3.0 could help you work better or faster, this course is for you.

XSLT 3 brings new ways of working that can save you time, can let you do things you could not do before, can reduce development time, can prevent bugs, and cause the spontaneous appearance of rainbow unicorns!

We’ll look at using fn:transform to orchestrate transformations, at streaming to process large data sets or documents, at how the EXSLT/EXPATH extensions interact with XSLT 3, at the new JSON support, at HTML 5 output, at a host of new functions.

You must have used XSLT before to make sense of this course.

You should also have used XSLT 2 already; if not, ask about the XSLT Beyond One booster course.

Course Structure

We write a package on the first day, and on the second we stream large input. Some of the new features in XSLT 3 include:

A goal of the course is that you can also find out more about the new features, and about XSLT in general, by having confidence in reading the specifications.


Contact liam at fromoldbooks dot org for details.

The online course is three days. The course is $1950 per person. There are discounts for no-cancel prepayment, or for four or more people from the same organization, or for not wearing shoes.

Contact liam at fromoldbooks dot org to register.

Note: The in-person course is three days long; the fee is $2,500 US Dollars per person. There is a discount for registering early. However, i am not currently offering in-person courses.

You will need to have a computer with a fairly recent version of Saxon EE (at least 9.x), for example as included in Oxygen XML Editor version 20 or later.

We use Jit.si for the remote courses; you will want a device that can display video. You can leave your own camera off if you prefer, or use a system without one; if you have no microphone you can ask questions in the chat or you can even dial in using a telephone. I will also send you the slides in PDF so you can follow along that way.