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XSL Frequently Asked Questions

XSL Frequently Asked Questions

Maintained: Dave Pawson

The Fox book, XSL-FO, from O'Reilly is now in print (August 2002)

A book on XSL-FO, the W3C recommendation for the production of print output from XML, is now available from O'Reilly's web site. It should have a fox on the front.. FO XSL? No, OK. It hasn't. It has instead, Macrodypterix Vexillarius, about which you may draw your own conclusions! Read and enjoy. via the associates program

These are the examples from the book


Individual answers may be out of date due to changes in the WD's or improvements in the tools, and if someone finds an error, I would really like it if you would inform me, or send me the corrected text.

Many thanks to the people who kindly answered the questions. By doing this I hope to help others get more from XSL by sharing that which the early adopters have done. My especial thanks to the regular voices without whom this would not be possible.

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