Delightful Computing

A big welcome from all at Delightful Computing, where you can find technical analysis, training, and full-time information work.

We are especially known for finding creative or unexpected solutions to problems in areas such as:

Delightful Computing brings expertise and enthusiasm to the table. Staff have worked with clients ranging from the tiny to the Fortune 500, with non-profit organizations and with individuals.

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All courses are available remotely with live instruction and can also be altered to meet your needs. If you would like to attend a course, whether one of those listed on this page or a custom one, feel free to contact liam at

XSLT : Two to Three

Starting with XSLT 3? Already using XSLT 1 or 2? This course is for you: XSLT 3 is a game-changer, from maps to XPath functions, streaming, new XSLT instructions and more. XSLT Two to Three course page…

Introduction to XSLT

This is a one or two-day course for people starting out with XSLT. You get live (online) instruction and discussion, and can bring example problems and strategies

Lean to read and understand XSLT 3 and XPath 3, with some of the new 4.0 features. Above all, learn the concepts behind the languages, and learn how to wok with the terminology so you can learn more and solve problems at a run. XSLT Introduction course page.

CSS for XML people

A course with a brief introduction to CSS followed by advanced topics with a strong focus on the needs of people who work with large, complex, or long-term documents, where the primary information is in XML. More…